Celebrities: Reel and real life.

Ever wondered why celebrities around us automatically assumed to be “great, good, enjoy best life” and so on. To look at the factual level, they are just people who are doing their job and are getting paid for things they are saying and doing on-screen.

And more of what I see happening in real life, some of them are turning out to be pretty stupid people who don't really have a wise opinion. Without script all they can utter is rubbish. Not trying to generalise but recent #SalmanVerdict  i.e Money+Power+Fame Vs Justice has proved my outbursts.
To Celebrities: You eat, drink, sleep and will die like all the human. You carry a tremendous impact on the society. So give it a try and show us “how to own up”, “do the right thing”. And how law and order are bigger than you. And just have a look at history, it’s not pretty looking out there, Take your lessons from there.

To Common man: What is shown on the screen is not their real nature. As stupid as it sounds it’s not that easy to make millions of people understand in this country who not just adore celebrities but worship them. It’s our intense inner groaning to be famous makes us adore them, as we see our unfulfilled dreams in them. But when it comes to some serious social issues, please understand that celebs are not automatic heroes!! With money and possibility of influence on thousands of people, they are can be heroes, but it’s not fair to assume them as heroes by default.

To Samlan Kahn Kahn: Fear God! You’re not teaching young generation a very nice thing. you’ve made a terrible mistake, no amount of good work should simply write that off. There are actions and there are consequences, already Ravinrad Patli  was an additional casualty cause of your persistence to stay away defy the law on this earth. God will avenge you for your wrongdoing.


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