#HolyCow and Intolerance: Time for take off the mask

Most safe living being in India which has protected better by law and politicians. #HOLYCOW

Oh, dear India, what a polarized time you're going through! I'm pretty sure that this religious and ideological fanaticism under the support of central government is not here to stay, but sad that I'll tell my next generation that I lived in the time of #BeefBan, to give just a small example. Those who are denying any kind of Intolerance in India, Get this word correctly, even Google dictionary has used an apt example to let you understand this word.
Definition of Intolerance

We've had bad politicians at center doing what they think is right, but first time ever we've set of politicians to whom we chose by the never-before majority on the promise of #BetterGovernance and #Development. And so crushed under to share our opinion without branded as Anti-BJP or Congress B

Well, if our last prime minister was "mute" then our current PM is "Selective Mute". He seemed to have exhausted of all his words on the world tours where he trying hard to get IT and MFG in our country. One may think that this county's PM is so "available for others" that his is country must be farmers suicide free,  have solid law & order, people free to practise their religion, have the freedom to eat and have communal unity. Let me take a step back here and say that I'm not expecting miracles from Feku and not judging him unjustly. The standards are set by them and they are failing in what they promised. And everything is not about development and not about building smart cities, "WHAT WOULD A SWIPE CARD TO ENTER INTO EVERY BUILDING DO IF CLOSE TO 40% OF POPULATION IS STILL ILLITERATE OR LEAVE SCHOOL AFTER PRIMARY EDUCATION? AND IF THERE ARE NO FARMERS LEFT TO GENERATE FOOD IN THIS COUNTRY."

How it is different from other situations in the past: Never before in the country some of these goons got so free-hand to stretch the communal harmony. Our backbone of "Unity in Diversity" is being thrashed everyday by things like : RSS, Ghar Wapsi, Beef ban, Ink attacks, taking away freedom to express, politicizing murder (At Dadri murder, meat was sent in the lab and we were asked to wait for result, as if what animal was that somehow makes the murder right), Asking Muslims to leave country.

No matter how neutrally you want to comment on this, you'll be judged on your cast, religion, ideology and in the termed as Anti-BJP or Anti-Development (so called). Now last words about people giving their awards away. PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Not everybody is politically motivated. Please understand what they are giving up! They are known for what they do and were awarded those awards for the same. Instead of ONLY questioning "why now" please ask "WHY AT ALL", please see what is the silent message behind it. You're making a joke of yourself when you're questioning their sanctity while they are giving up their hard-earned recognition, it takes a heart to do that. It's easy to mock them while holding on your job/designation/position/seat.


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