Your ingorance will cost you!

Before I begin, let me put it clearly that I'm here going to talk about "Increasing Intolerance" so please refrain from your argument that India is not intolerant. I'm not a foreigner, I'm a son of this soil who knows how to think and studiously wants to call white, White and black, Black.

It may look as if I'm attacking one political party but I must take that risk so I will be able to put it out there that there has been some serious crap spoken out of by the party whose foundation is in the extreme Hindutva I'm shocked to people's negligence of some blatant derogatory remarks made by some close minded people representing elective offices where they are supposed to work for the betterment of society.
Defination of Hindutva

The reason behind this is simple, it's a subjective validation effect according to when one tends to think something is true if it affirms your values or belief. I would like to encourage everybody to just "Rise above Hate" when it comes to your strongest convictions/religion/belief; especially when something is out there which is contradicting. To actually make your own  belief/conviction stronger you must weigh all other sides. Without that, you'll have a biased view and everything else will start to look like a false. It's really sad to see that people I have known have just thought it to be best to  completely deny every other argument without giving it a fair assessment. How can you think that there is no other side of the story, so please, give it a 1% chance that the other side may have some good points?

So I would like to compile some of the incidents/quotes from the past few months which I think didn't get enough criticism or punishment, in fact, those were gravely ignored cause they came from the political party which most people favor. This hopefully will be a sticky post, which I will keep updating whenever I notice something that should have in a neutral world condemned but in the world of favoritism ignored or adored.

* BJP President Amit Shah while speaking at an event on May 27 posed a challenge to the former Chairman of the Press Council of India Markandey Katju to "eat it (beef) in Gujarat. If he eats where it is banned he will know what happens.” Source:


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